Friday, 7 March 2014

My interests....

Canucks is the best hockey team in the world.I enjoy playing Soccer, Badminton, Floor Hockey, and Handball. I also love skating. I love watching Fifa, Nhl, and Olympics. My favorite hockey team is Vancover Canucks. 
My favorite book series are Divergent and Harry Potter. These books create a parallel world for me. Veronica Roth and JK Rowling are amazing writer, they are the people who I admire for books and ideas. 

My favorite artists are One Direction and Chris Brown. I love all of one One Direction songs. From Chris Brown I love the song "Next to You". I believe both One Direction and Chris Brown are incredible singers. I really love/adore both of them and they inspire me a lot too.

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My Hockey Every Thursday

Yesterday i had to go to my hockey and it was at a gym we have that every Thursday and we play games and we do 4 v 4 with 6 people per team we lost 7 to 6 because of our coach he was on the other team and they had better players.
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My favorite sport is basketball. The reason I like basketball so much is because me and my brother would go play almost everyday and this is one of the only things we have in common. My favorite Basketball team is Miami heat but my favorite player is Kyrie Irving and he plays for Cleveland. 


"Only the Fireborn understand blue." -Carl Sandburg

Only the Fireborn understand blue. This line stands out to me.

It makes me think.

Children always draw fire as red and orange.

But true fire, at the base of the flame, is blue. Blue

Only someone who was born into fire, raised in flames, and burned time and time again, will understand how dangerous the color blue is.